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02 February 2022

Elemental Event Etiquette

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Unless you work in the private event industry, you may face many uncertainties in terms of event etiquette when planning a party with your entertainment professional. Most of us only take part in throwing one or two celebrations in our lifetimes, and it makes sense that we may have some questions about what should and should not be common knowledge when planning.

How many songs should we request?

Before the event, give your DJ some suggestions on what you like. List some artists, genres, songs, and include a short list of must plays (and must not plays). If you did things right, you are paying a professional to do what they do best, so give them some guidance and let them do what they specialize in. If your playlist is going on several pages, chances are it’s too long.

What services do we need?

Short answer: none. When I got married on Superbowl Sunday of 2018, I had one of my own DJs set up gear on a plain table. We had no fancy lighting, no enhancements, and not even an actual DJ booth. You only need what you want,  so ask questions about what services are being offered so you can make educated decisions on what exactly you do, in fact, “need”.

Does the DJ get to eat dinner?

Often times, your DJ is on site for 6-8 hours before your event even begins. While we love our snacks, we most certainly perform better with a solid meal. Ask your venue to serve your entertainers with the first round of guests, and not after everyone else has been served. This way when your guests are done eating and are ready to get back to the dance floor, your DJ is not in the back corner of the bar stuffing their face.

Is it traditional to tip the DJ?

A DJ is providing a service and while it is fully up to you, our mindset is that workers who provide a service earn a tip fo good service. As a wedding DJ, I always hope that the client waits to pay me until after the event. This gives me the opportunity to showcase my skill set and bring their event to another level with my work. Any amount is appreciated – tipping is a great way to show you are happy with the services provided.

What will our DJ wear?

You do not want your DJ showing up to your casual backyard wedding in patent leather shoes and a tuxedo, and you do not want them showing up to your black tie affair in converse and a polo. Make it a point to discuss with your DJ what they plan to wear to your event to ensure they are presenting your vision of host as desired.