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03 September 2021

Master of Ceremonies

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One of the most important elements of your event is your master of ceremonies or emcee. this is the person that your guests see representing you, the person who will tie everything you planned together and the person in charge of the general flow of your party. while vain in the eyes of some, we feel that your master of ceremonies should be able to compete for the best dressed person in your room, be able to carry themselves with professionalism and class, and project a clear understanding of your party vision. we offer bilingual emcees and men and women who specialize in all types of events.

The interactive emcee is your traditional ‘hype-man’. this type of host will be very vocal on the microphone throughout your event. they will frequently encourage guest participation, talk often as your guests dance the night away, and their voice becomes an integral part of your entertainment – a tool in a sense. this type of emcee is common for parties where guests may need a boost to get to the dance floor, or for mitzvahs and events with kids where interaction is key.

Your standard emcee lays off the mic more than your traditional, interactive emcee. this type of host has a great, professional presence on the mic, however they speak as needed in situations like welcoming your guests, introducing your wedding party, announcing first dances and other ceremonial portions of your event, and the occasional hype-up moment while dancing. this is the most common type of emcee requested today by over 90% of our clients.

While we always recommend a professional host who sounds confident on any microphone, some clients simply want a quiet event host. this type of host is professional sounding if needed, however does most of their ‘talking’ through the music they play. many times we hear that an emcee is a must to get people dancing, however we feel that a dj who knows what to play and when will create an amazing party without saying a word.

The type of emcee you have at your event should be completely up to you. as a general suggestion, whether you book with n.i.c. entertainment or another professional company, the host in charge of your event should be ready for whatever your event calls for. we hope you found this content helpful and hope you have a great event!