After checking out our content and testimonials, over 90% of our prospective clients’ first questions revolve around pricing.  As a gesture of good faith, we have uploaded all of our menus for various types of events. Please note that these menus change seasonally. If you are interested in taking a look at our rates, please download the respective menu for the type of event you are having.  We often build custom packages and create personalized service lists, as we understand all events are different.  Based on your date and details, we are able to negotiate at times, so please do not hesitate to reach out after viewing our menus to discuss the unique details of your event.

Event menus:

Wedding (2023/24 pricing)

Sweet 16, mitzvah, quinceañera (2023/24 pricing)

General DJ/photo booth (non-wedding, sweet 16, mitzvah, quince) (2023/24 pricing)

Corporate –  We specialize in providing unmatched high-end corporate event services.  Please contact us directly to discuss your event and receive a price quote.