Wedding of Lee and Su Hee


Client Eunchong and Su Hee Lee
Location Fernbrook Farms - Chesterfield, NJ
Services ,


Mr. and Mrs. Lee had an absolutely perfect wedding day at one of our favorite venues – the breathtakingly-sprawling Fernbrook Farms!  On this lovely occasion, DJ Nick supplied a fully wireless ceremony set up in the garden ceremony space, a chill cocktail playlist, and one of our rustic DJ booths with basic intelligent moving head dance floor lighting for the reception.  This crowd was awesome, and danced the night away until the very last second of the very last song.  Congrats love birds, and best wishes!

Your perfect wedding begins with NIC Entertainment! After attending several weddings, I have come to realize how incredible NIC Entertainment is. My wife and I got married in July 2021 and it was the most incredible wedding with the help of Nick. Nick was always prompt in responding to our emails. He would frequently touch base with us via video call to get a better understanding of our expectations and was patient with us as we contemplated the songs to be played at the wedding day. My wife and I threw at Nick a list of songs we wanted to play and he beautifully orchestrated the songs in a way that caused people to organically gravitate towards the dance floor. In addition to the list of music we provided, Nick took the liberty to play additional songs that matched the theme and energy of the crowd. Everyone, both young and old, were on the dance floor; it was magical. The uninterrupted flow of music kept the wedding guests engaged and happy. It is an incredible feeling when months after our wedding, the guests would reminisce fondly of our wedding night and talk about how our reception was “the best.” What really sets NIC Entertainment apart from other DJs is that he cares about your wedding being perfect more so than you do. Aside from his DJ duties, Nick went above and beyond by arriving hours early to study the venue and determine how to best set up the sound system. He also provided several different options for the DJ booth to match the theme of our wedding. Nick provided several options for microphones to use during the ceremony as well. There were no awkward moments where the guests were craning their necks to hear our vows, or any uncomfortable delays with having to pass the microphones between the officiator and us. The ceremony was perfect and the reception was lit. In our email exchange, Nick promised that I would not be disappointed. His words were more than good. NIC Entertainment will not disappoint! Your perfect wedding begins with NIC Entertainment!