Addi’s Super Sweet 16


Client Ferrara Family
Location Private Residence - Emerson, NJ


Addison and fam put on quite the show for her backyard super sweet 16!  A huge tent made sure the party went on, and we went all in; tvs, FBT cs1000s, movng head dance floor lighting, cold sparks, geysers, uplighting, CO2 cannon, our max DSLR photo booth, and our own generator power… WOW!  Thanks for having us, and we hope everyone had as much fun as we did.

N.I.C. Entertainment, LLC Nic was absolutely incredible from start to finish. The experience he created for us was everything we had hoped for and more. We had specific tasks that we had to accomplish to ensure we had the music we wanted, but everything was easily completed and easy to follow. It was non-stop dancing and the night just flew by because we were having so much fun.