Wedding of Anna and Spiro


Client Anna and Spiro Mellis
Location Valley Regency - Clifton, NJ
Services ,


We are always honored when friends ask us to be their wedding DJ.  Spiro and I have been homies for 20 years now, and there was no better compliment than being asked to DJ his wedding with Anna!  Lot’s of house music and class would be the best way to describe this wedding.  We only tended to the reception here, at the gorgeous Valley Regency, where we supplied a large format white DJ booth, 4 cold spark fountains, 8 freedom sticks, our crystal clear FBT sound system, and an LED photo booth with red carpet and stanchions.  Awesome wedding for some awesome friends.

The Perfect DJ for your wedding Nick and his crew were really good the day of the wedding. The sound levels were perfect, the lighting was perfect, and the music was spot on. He got all of us to dance from the young people to the older people. I highly recommend NIC ENTERTAINMENT.